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Scholarship Fund –

“A little goes a long way.” Individual donations are compiled together to create a scholarship fund for needy but talented students. Students are chosen based on merit with consideration of financial background.  The “sivivane” approach in siswati means an “anthill” approach in which everyone brings a little to the table.

While some students are funded by the government, the funds are not sufficient to cover school fees and many times it is unreliable if they will get the funds. Therefore, it is important as a University to provide a scholarship opportunity for talented, hard-working students.


  • Female Dorms – SCU currently has 650+ students together with first and second-year students. About 60% of the students are female and all students are commuting from rooms found around campus. With no running water, non-continuous electricity, and no security, our students are exposed to harsh situations that stunt their progress academically. Female students are targeted most as victims of sexual assault and rape. It is important as a University to protect the students.

Our Location

Located In Beautiful Mbabane Swaziland

PO Box A 624 Swazi Plaza Mbabane Kingdom of Swaziland Zip code H101

Phone: 268. 7843. 2478

Web: www.scusisekelo.org

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